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May 10, 2017
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But after seeing her leaves look pretty sad and droopy and the coir pole getting wobbly last week, I knew I had to do it. Most of the time, when you see a Monstera Deliciosa for sale, it is a small and immature plant that doesn’t require any support to grow straight up. Here’s the link to one and there’s another here. Moss poles are the most popular method of staking Monsteras, so we will review the specific benefits of adding this type of support before going into more detail on the signs that it’s time to stake your Monstera. 32 votes, 14 comments. Bamboo canes are thinner so you’ll need to use more of them to get the same amount of support + the aerial roots are less likely to twine themselves around these. On the other hand, if the plant is starting to grow to one side or trailing over the side of the pot, it is time to start thinking about adding support. In terms of my potting mix, I like to use peat-free houseplant compost/ with some chunky coco coir if I have some, pumice or perlite/ a little horticultural grit + orchid bark. CDN$ 24.99 CDN$ 24. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But many monstera species are smaller, and uniquely different from the deliciosa than one might think. The photos of my big monstera from the side show how the support sits just off centre of the middle of the planter + the plant ‘leans up’ against it. On a large one, I clip the end and then another just ahead of where I am working. If you are repotting your plant, start by removing the potting mix around the roots, checking to see if any are dried/shrivelled + cut these off. I’d suggest 2 U shaped canes crossed over like an X (each cane at 90 degrees to the other, crossing over at the centre of the bend) in this instance. There is nothing inherently wrong about having a Monstera that grows horizontally, but most people find that the plant quickly takes up more space than they prefer. Is it always necessary to stake a Monstera? 99. Best wishes, Laura. I just try to place the ties carefully around the stems where I can see that no new leaves will be growing from. As you’re considering a moss pole, coco coir pole, or other types of stakes for your Monstera, it’s important to consider the final height you would like your plant to be. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehealthyhouseplant_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',110,'0','0'])); But now, let’s get on with it. Coco coir poles are thicker than bamboo + are made of the outer husk of coconuts. Since these plants attach to the support with their aerial roots, it’s not easy to detach them again if you decide to upgrade to a taller pole later. Moss poles are just what they sound like: sturdy sticks or poles coated with moss. The choice is … Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. The coir liner inbetween the clamps will unravel anyway. Their purpose is to anchor the stems to the support structure as the plant grows upward. So come and join the discussion, share your tips, knowledge and pics! We are a member of several affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to external sites. Your monstera might actually be made up of a few smaller plants so if this is the case, separate + arrange around the coir pole in the pot. You can use these on your indoor plants too! Personally, we love them all (but dubi Keep out of direct sunlight except perhaps in winter (with caution). It’s just about working with each individual plant in providing good support for it to grow + thrive. Jan 15, 2020 - A step-by-step instruction for how I made my coco coir pole to support a Monstera deliciosa plant If you aren’t going to re-pot, get a trowel + dig out a bit of a hole for the support to be placed into (if you are using a sphagnum or coir pole). Measure and mark where the top of your pot sits on the pole. JOYSEUS 2 Pcs 15 Inches Coir Moss Pole with 65 Feet Garden Twist Tie, Coir Moss Totem Pole for Plant Support Extension, Suitable for Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos and Other House Climbing Plants: Amazon.sg: Lawn & Garden Thanks to those that asked me to write this post, I hope you find it helpful! You can regularly moisten the moss pole using a sprayer + you might even notice bigger leaf growth as a result. Regular price $25.00 $18.50 Sold out. On a small pole, I clip the end and middle of the rolled on liner, removing them as I go. You can make these yourself, simply by finding a sturdy pole or stick and wrapping it with coconut fibre, usually using garden string or fine wire to attach the fibre to the pole. *Affiliate links are used in the post which means I can receive a (very) small amount of commission if you make a purchase — thank you for your supporting my blog. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. If you love a bit of a project, the other option is to make a sphagnum moss pole. What about using a moss pole? Some people dislike the appearance of aerial roots and prefer to cut them off, but these roots are a sign of a healthy and growing Monstera. What Soil is Best for Pilea Peperomioides? thank you so much!! The pegs can really help to hold it more securely. It is a vining plant much like a philodendron. Monstera can be grown in light shade, or in bright filtered light. Plant Progress Report: Houseplants I’ve Enjoyed Growing in 2020, gardening snips (or wire cutters for your ties — regular scissors will blunt quite easily if you try to cut wire with them). As you’re considering a moss pole, coco coir pole, or other types of stakes for your Monstera, it’s important to consider the final height you would like your plant to be. Article by National Gardening Assoc. It is perfect for climbing plants, vine plants, creepers, such as, Pothos, Money Plant, Monstera. We love Monstera deliciosa sometimes called the Swiss Cheese Plant, but we love talking about the other types of Monstera too, including Monstera adansonii (Monkey Mask), epipremnoides and the super-rare obliqua! As you can see, I haven’t secured the stems much yet, I wanted to let the plant get a little longer + settle into its new pot Making You Coir Pole Take the cane and stand it inside your pot, in the spot you want it to sit in the end product. For that reason, I prefer a pole like this one that can be extended as your plant grows larger and taller. Whenever I post a photo of my big monstera on instagram, one of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘how do you get it to grow up like that?’ / ‘How do you stop it sprawling out?’ …you get the idea. This monstera is getting a littleeee crazy with 8 plants crammed into one pot. Coco poles are made out of specially treated coconut fiber sheets that is rolled on to poles for support of vines, shrubs and any other vegetable plants that need a support to give them protection while they are growing. Select Your Cookie Preferences. We like the subtlety of a cane, but think we’re going to need something more substantial. However, it has no suckers or adhering roots, like ivy, to pull itself up. From our micronursery to your doorstep: we source, grow and ship nationwide! Some monstera owners opt for a trellis, a wall, or even an indoor tree, but most people go for a moss pole instead. It will start sending out aerial roots for … As I am using this type of pole, I add the extendable parts to the top, meaning I won’t need to completely detach the stems from the coir for (hopefully) a long time! We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use … It is perfect for climbing plants, vine plants, creepers, such as, Pothos, Money Plant, Monstera. However, if you find yourself watering frequently or roots coming out of the drainage holes, now is the time to move it to a bigger pot. The totem pole is made of coir moss fiber which is very safety for your plants. ( Log Out /  Here are two close ups of my big monstera today in its temporary home; you can see how the support is a big wonky + how I’ve used a mixture of ties to keep it in place. Regular bamboo canes are great if you have a multi-stemmed plant — you can position them where the support is needed, much like you would with an outdoor plant…. Pot size: As with my smaller plant, I was quite restricted by my planter in terms of size of pot I could go up to. Once the Monstera adjusts to its upgraded pot, you may see a growth spurt. By using a moss pole, the Monstera is directed to an upright growing pattern. Since Monsteras do grow very quickly and develop a lot of weight on the top of the plant, they can get unbalanced or unruly. Using a moss or coco coir pole promotes the growth of large, mature leaves. This is perhaps the most beneficial support because it provides good levels of moisture for any aerial roots that are likely to be growing from your monstera. Buy JOYSEUS 2 Pcs 15 Inches Coir Moss Pole with 65 Feet Garden Twist Tie, Coir Moss Totem Pole for Plant Support Extension, Suitable for Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos and Other House Climbing Plants online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Monland Coir Totem Pole Coir Moss Totem Pole for Monstera Plant,Creepers, Ivy Moss Pole for Climbing Indoor Outdoor Plants 6Pcs: Amazon.com.au: Home Improvement Get GST invoice and bulk discounts. Coir fibre has high moisture retention capacity which enables the roots of the plant to grip into the natural organic fibre and not just on the side as opposed to using a wooden pole. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Once you know how you want your Monstera to look and how big you want it to be, you’ll be ready to provide the support it needs to get there! The sharpened wood stick allows it to insert into soil easily and providing strong support for the plants . There are some benefits to using a moss pole or a coco coir pole, since they have a natural texture that’s easy for the aerial roots to grab. I hope my blog is a space for you to gain a bit of confidence in your plant care + I’m so grateful for your ‘support‘ ...pun intended . Its faster and easier to re-roll it as I move up the pole. There is no single right answer to exactly when is the right time to stake a Monstera, or even if you need to do it at all. In its native habitat, it … You’ve probably seen larger Monsteras trained to grow on trellises or moss poles, but how can you know if your Monstera is ready to be staked? Despite the pole being deep in the pot, as the soil naturally moves when the plant is watered, it’s inevitable that it can shift a bit too. In addition to helping the plant climb, aerial roots absorb moisture from the air and from the moss pole, which keeps your plant hydrated between waterings.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehealthyhouseplant_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',111,'0','0'])); Monsteras can and will put out leaves from any available node along the stem, but over time you will likely start to see more growth that branches out instead of up. Thinking of training her upwards before she goes completely wild. Improvisation, trial + sometimes error are integral parts of learning about plant care! Although your plant will provide you some signs that it is looking for support or trying to grow in specific ways, it is ultimately up to you to determine what approach to take. Therefore, you should affix the vines to a sturdy trellis so they can grow upwards. Are you a business? I plan to train the central stems around the structure as they grow to create a full, column-shaped plant for my dressing table — I like the height it gives to this part of the room. If necessary, I remove some of the excess coir with a knife so that the wooden central pole is not as covered all the way down. HiGift Coir Moss Pole, 2 Pack 17 Inches Plant Support Totem Pole Indoor Coco Coir Pole Moss Stick Monstera Plant Support Extension for Plants Climbing to Grow Upwards 4.6 out of 5 stars 13 $14.99$14.99 Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 22 Posts about Coir Pole written by sarah. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa) is also known as a split leaf philodendron. This was intentional as my plant is against a wall + over the last few years, the leaves have all turned to face the window. This is my smallest monstera plant + it really hasn’t grown into itself yet. It’s not a monstera deliciosa, but I thought I would show you my vining monstera adansonii where I used the U support as you can see below — I untangled the stems + wound them around the cane without the need for any ties. Below this line is where your pole will be buried under Start at one end and tie the fishing line on to the pole. However, other types of plant support have also been used successfully to get a Monstera to grow upright. This is especially true if it is still in the nursery pot or is a recently rooted cutting. Aerial roots develop when the Monstera is ready to start climbing. HOUSEPLANTHOUSE is created by Dr Laura Jenkins. You wrap this around the pole, securing it with ties to keep everything in place until you end up with something that resembles the coco coir pole, but made out of sphagnum moss! Kind of…. The advantage of coco or sphag supports is that any aerial roots can latch on to this surface + provide some added stability. I used Coconut Coir… I’ve linked the blogpost here if you want to read more about the general repotting process. A mature Monstera gradually produces larger and heavier leaves over time. As much as I love my big monstera the size it is now, I found some older photos of my plant from 2—3 years ago to give you an idea how it grew during that time. If you add a moss pole or trellis, you can guide the aerial roots to attach by using floral wire or tape. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What’s your favourite item to train your monstera up? !-pat–new to plants at 67-southern tip of new jersey, Hey Pat, welcome to houseplanthouse, nice to meet you! 2 years ago 2 questions: How do you put the pole in without damaging the soil roots? For U shaped supports, have a look here. a close up of the velcro ties (currently being used on my sweet peas in the garden), How to make a new tradescantia plant from cuttings, How to train your monstera around a support. With jute rope wrapped around the pole, tighten the coir moss nicely for long-term usage. COCO COIR POLE - This is the sturdiest type I've found. First, they can help to train the plant to grow the way you want it. Tags 2020, Adelaide, adelaide botanic gardens, anthurium Coriaceum, aroid collections, Aroids, australia, monstera Deliciosa, outdoors, philodendron bipennifolium Categories All Aroids Buying Plants Climbing Gloriosum Glorious Philodendron Terrestrial Topics Velvet Leaves Flashback to my old apartment with more accommodating ceilings…! AVIDE 24 Inches Plant Support Totem Pole - Moss Pole for Climbing Plants - 2 Pack 17.7IN Coir Totem Pole for Monstera, Climbing Vines, Pothos and Climbing Indoor … Moss poles are really pretty simple to make; let me show you. Monstera deliciosa is probably one of the most well recognized plants - loved for their leaves that grow to massive sizes and don amazing fenestrations as they climb and mature! First of all you should identify if you monstera has room in its pot for a support to be added without repotting. For starters, there are a few choices in terms of support: Below are two U cane supports that can be crossed over to create an X ‘column’ shape (sort of like the positioning in the photo below) that works well for monstera deliciosa plants if you can’t get hold of an extendable coir pole setup . Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. More mature plants usually come with one of these already. I have vivid memories of cutting up my nan’s old ‘pop socks’ that had laddered or had been replaced + putting them in an old (empty) ice cream tub in the greenhouse. This website and accompanying Instagram page documents her (ever-growing) plant collection and offers houseplant care tips, inspiration for plant purchases and interior styling with houseplants. Especially in the wild, where Monsteras can grow very tall, this extra water source makes it easier to hydrate the … Even though it looks a bit chaotic from the back, the photo from the front shows that this is unseen for the most part. The changes I made during the colder months were subtle but they definitely helped. Coco poles are made out of specially treated coconut fiber sheets that is rolled on to poles for support of vines, shrubs and any other vegetable plants that need a support to give them protection while they are growing.

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